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BATAVIA – When the space in Tops Plaza next to Pizza 151 became empty this summer, Eric Levan was ready to take it.

“When Family Video came out, I thought it was a good opportunity to make the beer wall and expand my dining space, and just generally expand, attract more people,” the owner of Pizza 151 told the Daily News on Thursday. . “So I spoke with the owner and also rented this space. “

By mid-August, the expansion to create Pizza 151 Tap Room was complete.

“It took me a little over a year. There have been a few setbacks with COVID and different things there, but it took us a year to prepare for it. I wasn’t really expecting how long this was going to take, ”Levan said. “I think I made my opening smoothly on August 11th.”

The Beer Wall, dining room, and self-service kitchen take up about 3,000 square feet, the owner of Pizza 151. Those who dine on-site will be able to see the Bills, Sabers, baseball, football, soccer, football. basketball, hockey and anything else that could be on any of the seven televisions in this space. There are also three televisions in the men’s washroom and one in the women’s washroom.

The dining room can seat around 80 people, Levan said.

People who have come since the dining room opened are asking Levan one thing, he said Thursday.

“They usually ask me about the beer wall – how it works, what kind of beer we have, how we charge,” he said.

The Beer Wall, which offers a choice of several craft beers, is available to customers once they check in at the reception desk, where they will get bracelets, Levan said.

A customer scans his bracelet, then pours a beer from one of the taps. Prices are per ounce and, as of Thursday, ranged from about 31 cents per ounce for Edmund Fitzgerald by Great Lakes Brewing Co. and at La Puerta De La Discoteca by Kings County Brewers Collective to 63 cents per ounce for Minkey Boodle by Thin Man Brewery.

“The system keeps track of the price per ounce and how much you pour in and gives you a running total,” Levan said. “It’s an open tab system. “

Levan said beer choices will change over time when it’s time to change a keg.

“There are pillars,” he said. “The pill mafia will remain throughout the football season. The Narragansett Lager will stay. Juice Bomb will stay. I update the beer tap list on Facebook. I’ve had really good feedback on this (the Beer Wall) so far.

There is an option for those who want to take their beer home, Levan said.

“Any of these beers, I can put them in 32-ounce cans, if people want to take them out,” he said.

Guests can also spend time throwing darts with targets available in the new dining room.

“We’re looking to get darts leagues here,” Levan said.

Levan said he is not planning an official opening. He said it was good to be done with the preparation and to be open.

“I was just going to open up and let people in,” he said. “I hope this will spark some discussion.

Pizza 151 is located at 8351 Lewiston Rd. Call 344-2400. Hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.


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