The driver passes through the ‘street food’ area outside Unicorn Brewing

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Extensive damage was caused to the “street food” area outside Unicorn Brewing in the Sellwood neighborhood after a driver accidentally crashed there around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Owner Zach Vestal said a car drove into the area, hitting the tables and toppling part of a roof. After surveying the damage, Vestal said replacement and repair costs would be around $2,500.

This is the second time a driver has entered a seating area along SE Milwaukie Avenue. In October, a DUII driver crashed in front of the Poke Box Sushi Bar about half a mile away.

The seating area is part of a Portland Bureau of Transportation program allowing businesses to convert street parking to outdoor seating. For safety reasons, companies are required to put up reflectors and other traffic control devices. Restaurants must also have insurance.

Vestal said he was grateful the incident did not result in any serious injuries. The driver was cited.

“Obviously we are above all grateful that no one was injured or seriously injured,” he said. “My second thought was damn sunny afternoon and we were planning to be very busy today, where is everyone going to sit?”

Unicorn Brewing has set up temporary tables while the rest are fixed.

“Customers, thank you for your support of small businesses. And drivers, please stay off your phones,” Vestal said.

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