The dining room in my house is very close to my heart: Shubhaavi Choksey of Baden Achhe Lagte Hain 2 fame

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Shubhaavi Choksey, the talented and extremely beautiful actress currently seen in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, is happy and satisfied with the decor she has put in her house. Very demanding and articulate in putting together the best combinations for her home, Shubhaavi talks in detail about her interior design.

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What is your favorite corner in your house?

My dining room is very close to my heart because the table is made from a single piece of wood; we took a long time to get a dining table like this. It is an eight-seater, on one side there is a bench and on the other period canework. The chairs and everything is made from one piece of wood with a marble top and it’s the most peaceful place for me.

What should your dream house look like?

My dream house would be a little bigger and very close to my current house because I can’t separate myself from my in-laws and my brother-in-law. I would be closer but the house will be a little bigger because I have a lot of things.

What color combination would you like to paint your house?

White, I’m still a white person. Furniture can be white, black or brown when it comes to cushions and accessories. I have a bright red chair which is adorable. I like bright and bright colors. My cushions are actually vintage cushions with prints of people.

Which celebrity house would you like to be yours?

No, I wouldn’t want to own someone else’s house. I would like to do mine and the others would have to tell me that “we want his house”.

Who will be the first guest you call after designing your dream home?

There would be five people I would like to call. I don’t know them but I want to call them. I would like to have Hrithik Roshan, Karan Johar, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts and Chris Hemsworth. I would like to call them at home.

What should your window view look like?

Overlooking sea and sand, blue and white skies, flying birds – that’s what it should be like. Also, I want a small mountain or maybe an island in between that would look like a mountain. I love both mountains and beaches, so I want both.

What part of your house do you dislike?

I like my cooking but I don’t like the fact that I can’t cook to save my life. My kitchen has Spanish tiles. He was placed from Italy.

What will be your invaluable contribution to the decor:

that I live in.

If you have to put up posters in your house, which posters will you put up?

I do not have. It’s in front of my house, in my hallway. All are vintage frames from perfume watches and superhero posters are also there. In my room, I have pictures of Arhan’s early years with my relatives.

A home decor idea you’ve ever had after looking at something? (Can be a movie, commercial, poster, web series, friend’s house, etc.)

No, everything is somewhere original. I like Parsi houses because they have furniture carved out of a single piece of wood or rattan or marble; it looks plain and simple and is artistic. Harshal likes modern things, so we tried to merge the two and be at peace with what we both like. If I travel and come back, I get something unique. From Turkey we bought a nameplate but unfortunately lost it.

Wallpaper or paint?

Paint but wouldn’t mind trying some wallpaper one day, but it has to go with my home decor. It should be a statement wallpaper more than a wallpaper. I wouldn’t mind someone painting on my wall instead of wallpaper. So I think it would be paint.

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