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Modern Dining Table Design: Sitting together and eating at the dining table is a common practice followed in every home. He not only gives a fine to eat experience, but is also good for your health because you are in the right posture when you eat. Dining table chairs usually come with the same design and color to match your dining table. The online and offline market is flooded with varieties of dining tables in different designs, sizes and colors. There are glass dining tables, wooden dining tables, marble dining tables, plastic dining tables, etc. We all have different tastes, so you should always choose according to your interior as well. Many of them come in different sizes suitable for small and large families. They are available in 4-seater, 6-seater and 8-seater, and with superior quality.

The dining table helps you eat more nutritionally balanced meals and also makes them easy to digest. When you’re seated at a dining table, your focus is solely on the food and there are no distractions like the TV or cell phone. These are not only healthy, but they also keep the bond of a family alive when you sit together and talk while eating.

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Design of modern dining tables

Enjoy your meal at these stylish dining tables listed below:

Petals Sultan Rectangular Dining Table

This 4 seater dining table of Petals Sultan is ideal for small families. You can place it in your dining room or even in the garden to sip a cup of morning tea while reading a newspaper. The rectangular shaped table is made of plastic polymer. Dining table price: Rs 5548.

Amazon Brand – Solimo Dining Table

dinner table

The elegant sheesham wood dining table with teak finish from Amazon can bring class and sophistication to your dining room. It comes with 6 places sufficient for a common family. The sturdy structure has passed all safety quality checks. The dining table can withstand a load of 100 kg to provide adequate support. Dining table price: Rs 26,999.

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Nilkamal Dining Table

dinner table

Improved with modern dining table design this Nilkamal comes with two chairs and a bench. The antique cherry finish is crafted from solid wood with a contemporary design. Treat yourself in style and class with this wooden dining table. The dimensions of the product are: Length (120 cm), Width (75 cm), Height (74.5 cm). Dining table price: Rs 13,410.

Driftwood dining table

dinner table

This beautiful 6-seater dining table from Driftingwood is available in a natural brown finish giving your home a luxurious touch. Sheesham wood material gives premium quality which will also make it durable. You can place beautiful placemats to protect it and also enhance the look. Dining table price: Rs 27,999.

Central dining table

dinner table

This reception center dining table is made of solid beech wood and a particle board top. This rectangular shaped table comes with chairs and a bench. Made of solid wood, this product can provide durability. It can withstand weather changes and does not crack easily. On very rare occasions it may be scratched or dented. Dining table price: Rs 22,996.

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