Sac’s Place expands with new outdoor dining area at Kaufman Studios in Astoria –

After nearly 34 years in business, Sac’s Place is expanding its new space with an outdoor dining area, called the “pizza garden,” at Kaufman Astoria Studios.

The pizza garden, now open to the public, is on the side of Sac’s Place at 35-11 35th Ave. in Astoria. The outdoor extension includes a new electric oven from Europe, 15 tables and a full bar.

The Pizza Garden sits between two iconic buildings, where some of the most famous silent film stars have attended premieres. Kaufman Astoria Studios, which opened in 1920, has filmed iconic modern television and movies, from “Sesame Street” and “Orange Is the New Black” to “Men in Black 3.”

The Pizza Garden will host live music two days a week starting Thursday, May 19.

Guests can also expect a wine tasting in mid-July as well as the annual Abruzzo Pork Roast in November.

Sac’s Place opened in 1989 after owners and brothers Domenico and Anthony Sacramone decided to leave the corporate world to open their own restaurant.

“I realized the corporate world wasn’t for me,” Domenico said. “So out of college, we opened a little pizzeria and based it off of all my mom’s cooking.”

Sac’s Place opened on Broadway and 29th Street, serving pizza and small home-cooked meals. After the first eight years of business, they took over and expanded the adjoining space, creating a full restaurant with outdoor dining, a cafe, and a pick-up section for take-out pizzas.

“After that, we continued to grow, making the ravioli, the gnocchi ourselves – 90% of the pasta we make is homemade,” Domenico said.

A few years ago, Sac’s Place moved to Kaufman Astoria Studios where Domenico said business was good despite the quieter location.

“Our regulars were coming, people from the studio were coming, production companies,” Domenico said. “Even though I’ve had a great 30 years on Broadway and 29th Street, we have an outdoor pizza garden here, an extra room inside for parties — it’s a nice natural progression for us. . We like where we are.

With COVID-19 rates currently on the rise in New York City, Domenico mentioned it’s a great time to open an outdoor dining area.

“There are definitely customers who don’t want to take risks and want to eat out,” Domenico said. “So many people have already told me they were so happy to have a slice and eat it out.”

Sac’s Place is also offering individual slices for the first time since moving in 2019.

“We are thrilled to finally open Sac’s Pizza Garden and share the delicious pizza our customers have loved for 33 years in a beautiful outdoor space on the historic grounds of Kauffman Astoria Studios,” said Domenico. “Whether it’s grabbing a slice, a whole pizza, or a drink, we hope this is a space where the community can come together and simply enjoy great, authentic Italian food.”

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