Perry’s Steakhouse to Add New Patio Dining at Woodlands

The popular chain, which is one of the oldest continuously operated restaurants in The Woodlands after two decades in service, had planned to add an approved outdoor covered dining terrace on Wednesday evening, an effort to meet changing customer preferences in the coronavirus pandemic.

Other interior renovations at 6700 The Woodlands Parkway restaurant were not disclosed as they fall outside the scope of the DSC, which primarily deals with exterior features.

Approval of the preliminary designs for the new luxury patio means the next stages of the project can move forward further. Under the proposal, the current sidewalk outside the restaurant will be removed and the restaurant footprint expanded for the patio.

Several current parking spaces will be removed and an outdoor dining room that can accommodate 30 guests will be built. The patio will be in the open air, but will have a roof and will be connected by large retractable doors to the restaurant’s internal bar.

Rick Henderson, Perry’s chief operating officer, took part in the online Zoom meeting with the township development standards committee on Wednesday to explain the plans and why the popular, upscale steakhouse is looking to expand. He noted that Perry’s other restaurants are State and Nation have outdoor patios.

“We’ve been there for 20 years, it’s a great store. We are starting to start a big interior renovation. This patio would be a perfect addition. We have been there for 20 years without outdoor seating, with COVID the customer demand for outdoor seating has increased exponentially. What we offer is an outdoor terrace, but there is another expectation from our customers. When you come to Perry’s, you buy steak and drink wine. There are experience expectations that come with this, i.e. fans and lights (above). We have this in almost all of our other stores, where the bar opens onto a patio.

DSC member Robert Heineman and others posed a few questions to Henderson, but generally expressed enthusiasm for the addition to the traditional restaurant that is the site of parties, graduations, romantic dinners and diners. others gobbling up beef and other dishes.

“I think the plan looks good,” Heineman said, adding that as long as the sidewalk and businesses across the small access street are modified in the same way, he was in favor of the project. .

DSC President Arthur Bredehoft said he was excited about a local company upgrading its facilities.

“We appreciate Perry’s reinvestment in the community,” Bredehoft said.

The timeline for the construction of the new patio and larger renovations has not been disclosed and additional plans for the exterior segment of the expansion will need to be approved by the DSC. Several trees on the site that were damaged in the February winter storm will be replaced by Perry’s once the decking work is complete.

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