New outdoor dining room in downtown Morgantown


November 4 – These might not be exactly drinks on deck, but soon guests at Gibbie’s Pub & Eatery on High Street will be able to enjoy their food and cocktails in a new outdoor seating area.

Construction on the area, known as the pedlet, began on Tuesday and Damien Davis, Morgantown’s engineering and public works manager, said work was completed on Wednesday.

The pedlet, designed by Mills Group, blocks the sidewalk in front of Gibbie’s for dining and includes a footpath, which also serves as an entrance to the dining room, where there was paid parking. There are planters acting as barricades on all sides.

Gibbie’s bartender Kristen Johnson said the project had already generated additional business from people stopping to ask what was going on.

“I think it will bring more people here to see, you know, what we have to offer here at Gibbie’s and also bring a lot of business downtown,” Johnson said.

This project follows the success of a similar outdoor dining area built in front of Tin 202 last year, with some redesign due to the highways department’s issue with diners in the old parking lot, Davis said. .

Davis said he was hopeful more pedals could be built in the spring and that while the installation of this one is later than expected due to the difficulty in obtaining materials, there should still be plenty of hot days to enjoy it.

Andrew Stacy, Director of Communications for Morgantown, said: “City staff from the Public Works and Engineering and Cityscape departments worked hard to make this project a success and did a tremendous job. Supply chain issues and other factors delayed the installation of this pedlet. , but hopefully we can do more next year starting in the spring. I hope the citizens of Morgantown appreciate the hard work that has gone into this project and treat it with the respect it deserves.

Johnson said the outdoor dining area will be ready “soon” and the restaurant will likely reconfigure the area a few times to find the best setup. There are also plans to hang lights outside.

Davis said the pedlet looked fine on Tuesday, but after cityscapes director Marchetta Maupin and her team set up the planters on Wednesday, the frame was “dynamite.”

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