NCC student-run restaurant unveils new kitchen and dining room | Regional News from Lehigh Valley



BETHLEHEM TWP., Pa. – The ribbon has been cut, and now the Hampton Winds restaurant at Northampton Community College is open for business and learning.

“This is a state-of-the-art kitchen and restaurant with not only good looks but also great food,” said Northampton Community College President Mark Erickson.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, giving its cooking students a head start in learning the ropes.

“Throughout the renovation, I kind of had carte blanche. The administration let me, give me the keys to the kingdom and let me do my thing,” said Francine Maz, culinary director of the college.

The restaurant is managed and occupied by students, and the renovation will allow them to be better prepared when they enter the workforce.

“Everything that we make is very high end. We make everything from scratch and in doing things we are teaching the very classic way of doing things. But it’s great,” said Maz.

The renovation will not only benefit the students, but the entire community. The living room area has a new look and has added an outside dining area and it is open to everyone.

“If you come here for a meal, you will get a gourmet meal that is really at a very basic price,” Erickson said.


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