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FAIRMONT – After the state saw a spike in positive COVID-19 cases over the weekend, the owners of Muriale’s Italian Kitchen announced on Sunday evening that the restaurant’s dining room would close again for the safety of its residents. employees and its customers.

Rocco Muriale, the owner of the restaurant, broke the news on Facebook on Sunday evening, before recounting The exhibitor’s telegram that the increase in COVID-19 cases – both local and national – has led him to stick strictly to curbside pickup once again.

“We are seeing the increase in cases not only in our region but across the country,” Muriale said. “There are a lot of people walking up and down I-79 corridor obviously stopping for gas and restaurants and so on. I just thought it was time now to take a step back until the waters cleared up a bit.

Muriale said the move, which will last indefinitely, is just a precautionary measure and that he hopes to help “flatten the curve” that reappeared once restaurants, bars and other establishments were allowed to reopen. .

“I don’t feel like we’re getting the leadership that I need at the state and federal levels, so as a Marion County businessman. … I think it will be up to businessmen and people with community and state involvement to make some of these decisions for the protection of our staff and our guests, ”said Muriale.

So far, Muriale’s is the only restaurant in the county to make such a move, although the two Colasessano establishments have never reopened their dining rooms and several business owners in Morgantown have done so as have Muriale. According to Marion County Chamber of Commerce president Tina Shaw, with Muriale currently on her own in her decision, she expects others to follow suit in the days and weeks to come.

“If our numbers continue to rise, I think more (business owners) will consider closing again,” Shaw said.

While the virus has certainly started to spread further due to the opening of bars and restaurants, Shaw said she didn’t believe the problem was that the companies themselves were reopening their dining rooms, and that ‘they shouldn’t be blamed for the peak COVID-19 the state has seen.

“Everyone just tried to follow the recommendations from the governor’s office, and I think most of them who opened were doing the right things,” Shaw said. “They’re taking extra precautions, but now we’re seeing another increase, so obviously that affects everything. I don’t think they opened too early. This is exactly what happened.

For now, however, Muriale’s is the only establishment in Marion County to cancel the reopening of its dining room, and Muriale has encouraged the community to monitor the restaurant’s website and Facebook page for further changes or updates. day.

“I think it’s going to be smooth for now, and we’ll see in a few days what the direction is, especially with all the gatherings I’ve seen,” Muriale said.

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