Market garden and dining room with 170 plants, free Wi-Fi and places to charge your phone at Swansea Market before Christmas



This image shows an artist’s impression of what a new ‘market garden’ and dining room will look like at Swansea Market.

The Town Center Market, Wales’ largest covered market, will have a new dining hall where people can eat, drink, relax and socialize – and it will be ready in time for Christmas.

Construction work on the dining room and garden, aptly named The Market Garden / Gardd Y Farchnad, will begin on Monday, October 18, and should last for several weeks.

The market will remain fully open during construction and disruption will be minimized, the Swansea Council promises.

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The green-themed market garden will feature over 170 plants, with garden-style tables and chairs where people can sit and enjoy food and drinks purchased from local market retailers. It will also be able to host events and exhibitions to help attract more people to the market.

In addition, when the Market Garden opens, dogs will also be welcome in the market, as long as they follow all of the “dog rules”.

The area will have free public Wi-Fi, charging facilities, a water station for filling water bottles, high chairs for people with young children, bottle warmers and of food and a play table for toddlers.

It will also have plenty of recycling bins and will operate under the latest Covid-19 rules and guidelines.

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While visitors have a bite to eat at the Market Garden, dogs can have a bowl of water at the Swansea Jack’s Kennel; which means dog owners will no longer have to let their dog out if they want to make their appearance in the market.

Sharing his support for The Market Garden, Robert Francis-Davies, Member of the Swansea Board of Directors, said: “The Market Garden is part of a £ 440,000 improvement program at this beautiful location.

“This will help the market play a key role in Swansea’s great future, through our £ 1bn regeneration program.

“The new functionality will be accessible, inclusive, well managed and will bring new footfall to merchants.

“It is designed for the benefit and enjoyment of all customers – to meet friends and family, catch up on emails and take advantage of the fantastic range of food available on the market.

“It’s fast becoming a popular destination and it’s a flexible space that can also host events and exhibitions that will help attract a wider audience.

“These are exciting times for the market and the city center at large.”

Where will Le Jardin du Marché be?

The Market Garden will revitalize this tired market district

The Market Garden will be located next to the shell stalls at Swansea Market in the city center. The area is currently used by a few occasional traders who rent tables, but Swansea Council says the site is mostly underused and “unattractive”.

With this in mind, Swansea Council hopes that the construction of the Market Garden here will revitalize this area of ​​the market, create an atmosphere and attract more people to the market. Occasional traders will be moved a few meters.

What will it look like?

The image at the top of this post shows what The Market Garden will look like. Its design and name was decided by the public and local traders in a consultation earlier this year.

Local business owners said they wanted to be able to see The Market Garden on the other side of the market so that an “open pergola” was at its center. The gazebo-like pergola will have greenery and decorations, while plants and comfortable garden-style seats and tables will be distributed throughout the space.


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