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Did you receive a letter from us for which you have a request? The relevant documents will be sent to you approximately three months before the expiry of the interest barrier. The repayment of your loan in full or in part may be made at the due dates stated in the prepayment together with the planned loan payment without further charges.

For your loan you have received a deposit statement for the period from 01.01.2017 to 31.12.2017 and now have inquiries about your annual payments and their proofs to the tax office or other third parties: With the deposit statement you can the annual payments for your loan during the year 2017 and submit it to the tax office or other third party.

You have received a balance statement for your loans and now have a question about the loans you have already repaid: all loans fully repaid in 2017 are for a balance of EUR 0.00 and the last before full repayment. All previously repaid loans are no longer included in the Balance Announcement 2017.

You have received a balance statement for your loans and now have a question about your bad credit: Distressed mortgages are loans that are waived after expiration of the purpose of the subsidized property (ie they do not have to be repaid) if the funding rules are respected. In the context of the subsidized object (ie during the term of the loan) no interest or principal payments have to be made.

Even if this financing is economically equivalent to a grant, if the funding guidelines are consistently adhered to, it remains a loan for which we must send you a balance statement if the subsidized property is used as intended. You have received a bank statement for your loans and an additional balance notification for your distressed loans or advance payments:

For non-performing loans or advances, no account statement is generated. In addition to the statement of account (s) for your loans with service section, you will also receive a balance statement for your non-performance (s) or advance payment (s) in list form.