Legacy Smokehouse Adds New Dining Room


Legacy Smokehouse, 3987 Main St., is expanding to its Old Hilliard location.

But the expansion is complete, not complete, and also comes with a new space in a space that will be called Rickhouse 41.

A new wrought iron roof fence surrounds a new patio which will be seasonal, but Rickhouse 41 will be located on the newly renovated second floor of the old bookstore and residence. It will be a new concept of restaurant open all year round inside the Legacy Smokehouse, which opened in December 2018.

Patrons on the ground floor of Legacy Smokehouse place their orders at a counter and bring their food to the tables, but the waiters will take orders and deliver the food to the tables in the restaurant on the second floor, co-owner Chad Smock said.

Smock opened the 1,600-square-foot Legacy Smokehouse in Old Hilliard with partners Ty Sells and Rodney Williams after the trio operated a mobile smokehouse in south Columbus.

The second-floor restaurant will also feature a bourbon bar which will feature a variety of liquors, including unique cocktails created by Smock’s son, Nick, and infused with herbs such as basil and mint that are grown on site.

The name Rickhouse 41 of the new restaurant refers to a term used for warehouses where barrels of bourbon are stored for proper aging; number 41 is the one Smock’s daughter Marisa wore while playing lacrosse at Hilliard Davidson High School and John Carroll University.

Smock coached his daughter in lacrosse at Davidson, where he remains the head coach of the women’s lacrosse team.

Marisa Smock, a Davidson graduate in 2014 who was also Wildcat’s mascot, died in May 2015 at the age of 19 from complications from a severe asthma attack.

Nick Smock was Marisa’s twin brother; Chad and Jill Smock also have an older daughter, Lexi.

Since Marisa’s death, Smock has stated that permutations of the number 41 have occurred in her life on several occasions.

“I think that’s her way of letting us know that she’s still there one way or another,” he said.

During the construction of Legacy Smokehouse, several elements were built either 41 inches long or separated by 41 feet, Smock said.

The fact that Legacy Smokehouse exists is due, in part, to Marisa, he said: her death was a reminder that “tomorrow is not promised”. He and his partners, who had long touted the concept of Legacy Smokehouse, redoubled their efforts to make it a reality.

Rickhouse 41’s menu is undetermined, but will likely feature entrees not available downstairs, Smock said.

Andy Warnock, co-founder of Westwood Collective and owner of the property, said Legacy Smokehouse “has been an asset to Main Street and Old Hilliard” since it opened.

“When the group of restaurant owners approached us to rehabilitate the second floor of the building and make the rooftop space usable for entertaining customers, it was an easy ‘yes’,” said Warnock. “The investment adds to the vibrancy of our downtown area and the bourbon bar concept is something new and exciting for Hilliard.”

Hilliard Region Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Libby Gierach is also excited about the new concept.

“Rickhouse 41 will be a huge attraction at Old Hilliard because it will have a unique offering,” she said. “Chad has done an exceptional job transforming the second tier to serve bourbon. We look forward to it opening.”

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