Jakarta’s family-run restaurant closes after rat films stray dining room



Put all the run-of-the-mill Ratatouille jokes aside, because there really isn’t anything adorable about a rat invading a restaurant, and one establishment in Jakarta seems to be taking it very seriously.

Recently, a client of the relatively high-end traditional Malay-Chinese cuisine Seroeni posted videos of a rat crawling and jumping on the dining room tables. The owner also discovered a caterpillar – still very much alive – stuck to her lettuce.


The footage was taken at the restaurant chain’s Lippo Mall Puri store in Kembangan, West Jakarta.

The restaurant today posted an apology video – one that admittedly has a high production value, likely to show how sorry they are – announcing the temporary closure of the outlet for full disinfection, pest control and hygiene training for employees.


“There were no words to say, but it was up to us to act and solve the problem. We really regret the incident and we promise that it will not happen again, ”the message read.

The restaurant has not set a date for reopening.

The city has not released any statement on the Seroeni rat scandal.

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