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“Dining should be a delicious and beautiful experience.”

This statement by Gauri Khan, an Indian interior designer, explains the importance of a good dining space, whether in a restaurant or at home. Eating is much more than food; it is indeed a great experience.

A dining room in our home is a place where all family members gather to eat meals. Eating meals together can be a great way to converse and bond with family and friends. This is why our dining room should reflect the warmth and positivity of whoever enters it. You can go overboard or stay minimalist when designing the area; the trick is to make the space inviting and attractive.

Many elements go into a dining room to make it cozy. You can experiment with different elements to create furniture adventures, which include a dining table, wardrobe, chandelier and many more. There are different ways to style these elements in the dining room.

Here are some tips that will help you style your dining room beautifully.

1. Experiment with furniture.

There are a myriad of dining table styles available in the market. You can opt for wood, marble, glass or whatever you like for dining tables. As a result, you can experiment with fancy or simple chairs to go with the table. Nowadays, a bench with a dining table is also in trend, which can turn out to be a unique piece.

2. Create a focal point.

Pick one item and make it a focal point. For example, an elegant dining table can be a great center of attraction. If you decide to have a simpler dining table, you can opt for any artwork on the wall that can be a conversation piece. A large chandelier is also a great addition to your dining room that can be a focal point.

3. Style your dining table.

A dining table can serve as a stunning functional and aesthetic piece. You can add different types of elements to it, like a well-made flower arrangement or candle-lit decor as the centerpiece of an organized tablescape. This type of arrangement gives the space a fresh and sophisticated look.

4. Play with lighting.

Lighting can be an instant game-changer for any space. A chandelier can be an amazing focal point as well as a lighting option. There are a plethora of fixture lighting options that can be installed, such as lamps, lanterns, pendants, and cascading bulbs. They can all act as amazing aesthetic pieces too.

5. Add textured fabrics.

Whether it’s curtains, upholstery, rugs or throw pillows, certain textures and layers of these items can add a lot of class to a space. While high ceiling curtains can enhance the look of your space, an area rug can help delineate the dining area from other spaces.

6. Storage space is a must.

It is important to have a storage cabinet in the dining room that is both functional and stylish. It’s good to have your cutlery easily accessible from your dining table.

7. Make sure everything is balanced.

Often we make a mistake by exaggerating the place. We add too many colors or many huge elements, which makes the space too cluttered. Make sure there is a natural balance between all the elements.


A dining room is a place where your friends and family meet and relax during and after a meal. The place should not be very chic and too simple not to attract the eye. The tips will help you create the perfect space to host any meal.

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