Florida Restaurant Patron Gathers All Staff In Dining Room And Announces “Something Amazing”


(NEXSTAR) – Florida restaurant owner says he and his staff were blown away after receiving a $ 10,000 tip from a customer on Tuesday night – but he also admits he was a bit skeptical at first .

Shawn Shepherd, owner of the Wahoo Seafood Grill in Gainesville, shared the news of the huge tip on Facebook earlier this week, along with a photo of the customer’s receipt.

“Tuesday evening, a customer asked all the restaurant staff to come to the dining room” wrote the shepherd. “He thanked them for coming and for working hard. Then something amazing happened. He told them he was giving them $ 1,000 each.

Shepherd, who was not in the dining room at the time, later told the Gainesville Sun he only learned of the generous bonus after one of the employees called him. And even then, he didn’t really believe what he was hearing.

“Check his ID and the name on the back of his credit card,” Shepherd recalls telling the employee, according to the outlet.

Fortunately, the customer was sincere and the transaction was settled. Each of the 10 employees working Tuesday has since received a check for $ 1,000, and they have each promised to “pay it forward” in their own way, Shepherd said on Facebook.

“We’re just a veteran-owned local seafood restaurant doing our best to weather this storm – and that’s really the last thing we expected on a regular Tuesday night,” he said. he declares.

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