DoorDash Kitchens adds a location with a dining room for the first time

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DoorDash Kitchens, the company’s shadow kitchen concept, is expanding with a new location that’s called a “Food Lobby with Delivery.”

What’s cooking? In addition to pickup and delivery, the Brooklyn location features a dining facility, a first for the concept. DoorDash is also considering adding outdoor seating, Insider reported.

  • The space features five restaurants to start with, including the Domomomo sushi restaurant and the Pies ‘n Thighs chicken and pie concept. Pizza chain Little Caesars, for its part, will enter the kitchen later.
  • This is the third DoorDash Kitchen location and the first outside of California, where the two existing kitchens operate on a “kitchen rental” model.

“Our restaurant partners have told us that being able to serve Brooklyn – some for the first time like Domomomo – is a helpful way to reach more customers and test out a new location without committing to a brick and mortar,” Ruth Isenstadt, senior manager of DoorDash Kitchens, told Nation’s Restaurant News.

Intensify: As more shared and ghost kitchen startups like CloudKitchens and Kitchen United have expanded to include self-service kiosks and lounge seating, it looks like DoorDash wants to catch up.

  • The ghost kitchen market is expected to reach $71.4 billion by 2027, from $43.1 billion in 2019, according to Hospitality Technology.
  • “There is a shift in consumer eating habits around ready-to-eat meals, and one of the things that consumers really appreciated was the ability to order through the concepts. If I want Chinese and you want BBQ, we can get it on the same ticket with the same delivery driver,” Atul Sood, Commercial Director of Kitchen United, told NRF.

According to Insider, DoorDash is also on track to reopen a previously trialed pop-up ghost kitchen in San Jose, where company employees cooked and sold items from multiple restaurants.—JS

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