Direct Lender Payday Loans: No Broker Means Affordable and Faster

Direct cash loans can be compared to cash advances however there is no broker who acts as a middleman which is why they are “direct”.Therefore, this kind of loan is executed and negotiated directly with the lender, which could be a private financial institution, a school, or even a university.Since direct cash advances are negotiated and approved with the prospective applicants without the middleman this process is much faster and the cost is lower generally.This is not just the case in the case of loans but for other types of businesses such as real estate, it is more affordable and faster to sell your house without brokers.

Direct cash loans can be described as cash advances that are negotiated between direct lenders and an applicant herein referred to as a borrower to obtain short-term loans with lean underwriting that is executed directly from CitrusNorth and without the involvement of third-party parties like brokers or any other institutions of finance.

Direct cash advances, when compared with indirect cash advances in which brokers play a role, are distinguished because they are faster in the application process and also do not divulge your personal details to any other company in contrast to loans that involve brokers.

Your personal data is not provided to telemarketing companies, and the reason is straightforward. Direct lenders aren’t looking to sell this information to competitors.

Direct cash loans lenders take care of the whole loan application, funding, and repayment procedure for all their clients, which can be accomplished faster than brokers.

Direct lending isalways fax-freeand, in the case of some brokers, you must provide the documents they’ll submit for an underwriting procedure.This takes a lot of time. The main goal of borrowers just like you is to get the funds in their bank accounts within the next business day.

There are a variety of payday lenders.The majority are licensed as Direct cash advance lenders or non-direct loaner.The difference between them is dependent on whether they have an external party to be able to take over the financing of the cash advances.

Benefits of Direct Cash Loans instead of Brokers


Direct lenders are usually authorized to offer mortgages in the majority but not all fifty states. However, some brokers are licensed only in certain states, which could cause problems in the event that you are applying for payday loans with direct cash in a state that the broker isn’t licensed.


The broker for cash loans has to adhere to regulations that are set by the lenders of the direct loans which are part of that portfolio owned by the brokerage company (the broker or group of brokers).Due to contractual obligations, the broker is not able to disengage from certain obligations, on a discretionary basis to increase the value of the benefit of you as a client.

Direct broker and cash lenders must adhere to the guidelines for financial transactions, lenders who are direct are able to reduce some of the requirements and fees which makes them more flexible.


Every lender charges a fee for loan approval and that’s the place where the advantages are. But, brokers typically have higher costs than direct lenders because they must add advantages for the broker. When deciding whether to partner either a broker lender, it’s important to research the costs of loan-generating before choosing one provider over another.


In cash loans that are direct, the person who is borrowing and the lender accept the conditions and terms of the loan in a matter of minutes.Usually, the loan is approved and the borrower agrees to the conditions of financial instruments.

Then, the loan is sent to the lender’s bank to transfer the agreed amount to the account of the person who is the borrower. The same day, the loan is transferred when you apply for the loan in the morning hours, or with the “next day ACH”.

When a broker is involved this process is more difficult because the broker has to provide the details directly to the lending institution. The broker is not able to have the power in negotiating the loans deal with the lender.

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