Council defends plans for Killarney outdoor dining room



KERRY County Council has defended plans to build a new public outdoor dining hall at Kenmare Place in Killarney.

Earlier this year, Fáilte Ireland announced a new investment program for improving outdoor catering, in partnership with local authorities, which included working with councils to implement protection solutions against harsh weather conditions. inclement weather to facilitate outdoor dining all year round.

Local authorities were asked to propose two locations in each county, and County Kerry Council proposed Killarney and Dingle as suitable locations, identifying Kenmare Place in Killarney as one of the most suitable potential sites for a dining room. outside.

Kenmare Place’s proposal sparked a backlash from the public and many businesses in Killarney town center who had requested that a number of small outdoor seating areas be provided instead of one large piece of equipment that would only serve one end of town.

Despite local opposition to the plans, Kerry County Council filed for an application and in recent weeks Fáilte Ireland has allocated a total of € 896,623 to build the Kenmare Place Dining Hall as well as a similar facility in Dingle .

At the Kerry County Council’s monthly meeting on Monday, Killarney Labor Councilor Marie Moloney asked council chief executive Moira Murrell about plans for Kenmare Place and said she had encountered opposition important to the plan in recent days.

Cllr Moloney said she was aware of a “huge” number of comments about the plan on social media, the vast majority of which, she said, were negative in tone.

Cllr Moloney said prevailing opinion in the city and on social media appeared to be that the council was effectively ceding a public facility to a private company.

Ms Murrell vigorously defended the council’s proposal and said the Kenmare Place plan was the best proposal and meets the demands of several businesses and the general public.

The Managing Director added that the funding eligibility criteria imposed by Fáilte Ireland were extremely restrictive and Kenmare Place was one of the only possible locations that met all the requirements.

Earlier, Kerry County Council management said the local authority had reviewed several locations in Killarney to determine if they would be suitable both for outdoor dining and meet Fáilte Ireland’s qualifying criteria.

These areas included Plunkett Street, Main Street, Old Market Lane, Milk Market Lane, College Street / Square, New Street, Beech Road and High Street, with Kenmare Place being recommended as the most suitable location.


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