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LEWISBURG – Maybe the food has something to do with it.

Bucknell University students were rated as attractive and intelligent, and the school was ranked in the top four universities for graduate starting salary.

Today, the dining room at Bucknell’s Bostwick Marketplace was named one of the top 36 university restaurants in the country by cuillèreuniversity.com, USA Today reported on Tuesday.

Schools are not ranked but are listed alphabetically, according to Spoon University, which compiled the list based on blogs from students, including Bucknell Spoon. USA Today noted that the list highlights some, but not all, of the best of the best.

Spoon U. Spoons, with thanks to Bucknell Spoon editor-in-chief Dannah Strauss, “This buffet-style dining room is Freshman’s claim 15 for Bucknell students. Stations like Egg Bar, Fresh Stock (soup station), Main Street Grille, Route 15 (comfort food), University Deli, Pizza + Pasta, Dessert, Whole Body (vegan and vegetarian station), and Mongo Fresh (Mongolian barbecue / stir-fry) station) ask students to line up to learn more.

The list included in the USA Today report showed this sample menu: “Mushroom Swiss Burger, Baked Potato Bar, Fried Choux Flower, Sweet Potato Fries, Chicken Noodle Soup, Butternut Squash Bisque Soup, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Beef & Cheesy Mac Casserole, Fresh Mixed Vegetables, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Roast Adobe Pork.

“Universities that have a spoon have been asked about their catering service,” said John Cummins, general manager of resident restaurants at Bucknell University Dining Service, operated by Parkhurst Dining, of Pittsburgh, part of the Eat’n Group. Park Hospitality.

Cummins said much of the varied menu offered at the Bostwick Market is based on interaction with students.

“They are very worldly, very experienced,” Cummins said. “For them, being satisfied is great.”

He said the company had operated the food service in Bucknell for 10 years. The service includes not only Bostwick, which is the main dining hall, but several other dining venues on campus.

“One of the really interesting things about it is that these students have been to other institutions,” Cummins added. “They regularly compare what they have eaten in other establishments.

Freshman Timothy Woodford, of Ellicott, Md., Said he read the article on the best college restaurants.

“I love the variety, especially the Bravisimo (where students design their own meal),” Woodford, 19, said of Bucknell’s catering offerings. “It’s a very good variety.

“I ate at Dickinson’s,” said Shai Gerstle, freshman, 18, from Westfield, NJ. “I really like it (catering service).”

He also likes the Bravisimo and even just the bread that goes with the sandwiches.

“The bakery is really good,” said another first year student Anna Gould, 19, of Kemblesville.

Cummins said chefs want to be topical and students always have a choice of what to eat.

“They love buttermilk fried chicken,” Cummins said. “It was innovated here by our chefs.

David Freeland, district manager for food service, said chocolate cake was by far the favorite dessert.

Before eating, students can select a station and see the nutritional value of each menu item with a web tool available online or at kiosks at various food outlets, including two in Bostwick. This way, they can select options that do not contain foods that may trigger an allergic reaction.

Students also have a say in what the cafeteria serves, through surveys and focus groups organized by the food service.

“The students here aren’t gentle,” Cummins said. “They tell us what they want.

With the number of international students at the university, there are demands that reflect the food these students enjoy.

Hang Ha, 19, a freshman from Vietnam, said Mongolian barbecue is probably her favorite, but she wants the cafeteria to put Vietnamese food on the menu.

Cummins said a Syrian student requested a Syrian pizza, which included olive oil and herbs mixed with the dough.

The catering service offers continuous unlimited catering and is open 18 hours a day on weekdays, 16 hours a day on weekends. Bostwick serves 4000 meals a day and 1500 takeaways per week.

Whether food service contributes to the appearance of students or their success in the market, there is no evidence. However, niche.comThe college section of the university, College Prowler, ranked Bucknell 21st on its list of “25 universities where students are both hot and smart.”

Additionally, an August 2011 release from Bucknell reported that alumni of the university ranked fourth among liberal arts college graduates and among the highest of all colleges and universities in a report on PayScale College salaries 2011. That year, Bucknell alumni had a median starting salary of $ 52,600, up from $ 55,800 in 2009, and a median mid-career salary of $ 108,000, up from 115,000 $ the previous year. Other colleges and universities saw similar declines, which analysts of the salary scale said pointed to the slowing economy.

In the 2013-14 report, Bucknell was ranked 49th, with a starting salary of $ 53,400 and a mid-career salary of $ 101,000.


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