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BEAVERTON, OR (KPTV) – The 1st Street Dining Commons plays an important role in helping to maintain a block of restaurants and cafes in Beaverton as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rock communities across communities, state and the country.

“It’s an outdoor restaurant where you can bring food from any restaurant or home, enjoy it away from other diners,” said Lauren Reese, co-owner of Lionheart Coffee Company.

Reese helped space this out so businesses could have a little more room for customers to sit down. She explained that the space wouldn’t be changed much if Washington County was part of Governor Kate Brown’s two-week hiatus. Part of the two-week break would require all restaurants to limit their capacity to 50 people or less.

“So what’s good about the outdoor seating is that it’s not a restaurant, it’s a park,” Reese said. “And so this can be a resource for restaurants here, even if they have to reduce the capacity of their own dining rooms.”

Camille Tollbom lives in Beaverton and says it’s a simple solution that is sanitary.

“So many people when it started, on the one hand you were afraid of dying and all kinds of horrible things, but on the other hand there was a feeling that we were going to lose the things that make life worth it. worth living, you know, “Tollbom said.” We’re going to lose those little things that make the weekend fun, like going out for coffee with a friend. “

Reese said the possibility of a hiatus is concerning, but she believes they can get away with it if it happens.

“I think it would be silly not to worry, but I think like everything else during the COVID period, we’re just going to roll with it and we’re going to adapt and pivot and get out of it,” Reese said. .

She said she hopes people keep coming back too because supporting clients and the community is the only way for them to continue to be successful.

“It’s really great, I think it’s a really creative solution to what was a very scary problem,” Tollbom said.

Reese added that they will be adding heaters in the coming weeks.

“We have to be able to anticipate things this winter and we have to be able to be safe and so finding that balance between the two is how restaurants are going to survive this winter,” Reese said.

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