Loan in marriage

The marriage connects two people. And not only physically and mentally, but also on paper. Thus, the two spouses not only go through life together, but also share everything with each other. The income as well as the debt. This is the opinion of many consumers. This does not necessarily have to be. Especially with a loan in the marriage, which is always debts until full settlement, this need not necessarily be.

General considerations for credit in marriage

General considerations for credit in marriage

As a rule, debts always belong to the person who makes them. Many banks want spouses to take out a loan together. You see more security in the credit. After all, they also have the option of having recourse to two people in the event of a payment default, where they can claim the outstanding money.

But you do not have to include the spouse in the credit in marriage. If one rejects the guarantee of the spouse, the bank can not do anything about it. Especially not if the borrower has sufficient own collateral for the loan. The spouse is then not liable for the loan and the bank can not cash in his case in an emergency. Such a borrowing is worthwhile whenever the loan is to be taken for a matter that only one spouse uses or that belongs to the spouse.

Where a loan can be taken in marriage

Where a loan can be taken in marriage

In order to be able to go looking for a suitable loan offer, one should first look at what conditions you bring yourself for the loan. Especially if you want to take him alone, it is very important that the income is high enough and the Schufa is good enough. Otherwise, it can happen that the loan is worthless and you have no chance at all. Highest then, if you take the spouse with you on board. But that should perhaps be avoided.

With good conditions, the loan can be taken in marriage at almost any bank. With the help of a comparison, it is possible to determine the best offer. But many borrowers just go to the house bank, get advice and make a suitable offer. If you have a good experience with the house bank and you are registered there as a good customer, this is certainly a good way. Others rely on the direct banks, which provide low-interest loans and good repayment models. The direct banks can only be reached via the Internet. Anyone who knows something here and is not afraid of technology, will be able to use their offers without any problems.


Even without the spouse, a loan can be taken during marriage. As a borrower you just have to meet the requirements of the banks. In addition, you should not be required to sign a spouse. The banks must not demand this, but only wish. And if your own requirements are not enough, then the spouse has to step in. Or you look for a guarantor outside marriage. Again, this is possible at any time and must be accepted by the banks.

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